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4.5: Forum View Updates

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Invision Community has had different view modes for a good number of years.

Forum grid view was added to create some visual interest when listing forums, and we've had expanded and condensed view modes in streams since they were introduced.

We've taken both of these views a step further in Invision Community 4.5

Forum Grid View
To create even more visual interest, the grid view now allows you to upload, or choose a stock image for the header. This instantly makes for a more dynamic and inviting forum list.


The new grid view image headers

You can choose an image from the Admin CP when creating or editing a forum.


Choose a stock photo, or upload your own

Topic List View
For the topic list view, we have taken inspiration from our stream view options to introduce a new 'expanded' view mode, which displays a snippet of the first post.


The new expanded topic list mode

This immediately entices you to engage with the topic because you can read part of the post without having to click inside to see if it interests you.

This is controlled via the Admin CP, where you can choose the default view, or turn off the new view completely.

Other Changes
You may notice a few other subtle changes in these screenshots. The first is that we now included the follower count as a metric on both the forum grid view and the topic expanded view modes. The number of followers is usually a good indicator of how others perceive the value of the content. A higher follower count generally means a more engaging topic or forum.

You can also see that we've switched to a short number format to keep the displays clean. Instead of say, "2,483 posts", it will merely say "2.5k posts". Reducing visual clutter is always crucial to maintaining a clean user interface.

We hope that you find these new view modes useful and that they make your community even more vibrant!

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Je trouve pas mal le nouvel affichage de l’organisation des forums en mode grille. Le fait de pouvoir ajouter des images le rend attrayant visuellement parlant.

Par contre je ne suis pas fan de l’affichage de la liste des sujets avec un extrait du premier message. Pour un message court, le sujet ne sera du coup pas ouvert.

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ça me donne quelques idées... si on pouvait mixer les 2 !

Style une catégorie bien précise et ses sous-forums en mode grille et le reste tableau classique :wub:

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