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Sortie d'IPB 1.2 Finale

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La version d'IPB 1.2 finale est arrivée vous pouvez la télécharger gratuitement ici.


Les convertisseurs pour le moment sont à utiliser avec la version 1.1.2 mais seront mis à jour dans les jours à venir.


Si vous souhaitez mettre à jour vos skins RC2 pour la version finale ce sujet vous sera utile.


Enfin vous trouverez le langage pack français pour IPB 1.2 finale ici.



Et pour finir veuillez m'excuser de ne pas vous traduire la longue liste des nouveautés de cette version 1.2 depuis la 1.1.2


[:ADMIN - FORUMS:]New clearer forum panel layout - inc. revised forum permissions layout

[:ADMIN - USERS:] Improved "manage validations" layout

[:ADMIN - USERS:] New account suspension system; totally automated temporary bans.

[:ADMIN - USERS:] Automated timed "deny posting abilities" system

[:ADMIN - USERS:] Automated, timed "mod queue this members posts" system

[:ADMIN - GROUPS:] New cleaner group permissions layout

[:ADMIN - LOGS:] Root admin Email log viewer

[:ADMIN - MODERATION:] New "multi-moderation" enables admins to set up various mod. tasks

[:ADMIN - BOTs:] New tools to help bots index the board

[:ADMIN - PREFS:] New mini-ACP prefs menu


[:SKINNING:] New CSS colour editor

[:SKINNING:] Ability to edit multiple template bits at the same time

[:SKINNING:] Revised skin home layout


[:DISPLAY:] Ability to autohide forthcoming calendar events when none to show

[:DISPLAY:] Ability to autohide today's birthdays when none to show


[:GLOBAL:] Board guidelines/rules feature added

[:GLOBAL:] CSS W3C validation

[:GLOBAL:] XHTML 1.0 Transitional W3C Validation

[:GLOBAL:] WCAG / WAI LVL A - A W3C tentative compliance

[:GLOBAL:] Ability to use an external style sheet and retain dynamic elements

[:GLOBAL:] Forum permission system: Enables per user and per group forum masks independent of member group

[:GLOBAL:] "Site Jump" added to "Forum Jump" drop down menu

[:GLOBAL:] Restyled header, combining new link strip with icons

[:GLOBAL:] Forum read cookies centralized into one serialized cookie

[:GLOBAL:] Auto session ID hiding - uses cookies where available

[:GLOBAL:] More "number_format" usage for uniformed look

[:GLOBAL:] Signature separator now fully skinnable


[:FORUMS:] Auto "new posts" forum marker reset when viewing topic list

[:FORUMS:] External redirect setting available on all forums; redirects to any specified page/site

[:FORUMS:] Short URL tags; easy & quick access to forums & topics; search engine friendlier too!

[:FORUMS:] Forum rules display above forum, topic and posting screens

[:FORUMS:] "Jump to page" feature in forum and topic views


[:MEMBERS:] Personal Photo facility added to enable members to upload/link to a personal photo

[:MEMBERS:] New avatar control panel; including new avatar galleries / auto resizer

[:MEMBERS:] Integrity Messenger integration added

[:MEMBERS:] Custom profile fields can now be used in Topic View (CPU saving option)

[:MEMBERS:] New registration authorization system allows for validation emails to be resent

[:MEMBERS:] New streamlined lost password system; allows member to select their own password

[:MEMBERS:] Ability to resend validation email

[:MEMBERS:] Ability to edit topic title (group opt.) - editing first post allows title edit

[:MEMBERS:] Flood control / max email per day added to stop bulk mail being sent via the board


[:MODERATORS:] Ability to "leave pinned topics" when mass pruning or moving topics from ModCP

[:MODERATORS:] Forum View displays a message when there are topics/posts awaiting approval


[:CALENDAR:] Ranged Events feature; includes user defined font & bg colours

[:CALENDAR:] Recurring Events; repeat weekly, monthly or annually

[:CALENDAR:] New, improved layout - turn birthdays on and off


[:SECURITY:] New robust GD (and optional TTF) security code image generator

[:SECURITY:] Tighter forced globals control, $root_path eliminated for safety

[:SECURITY:] XSS / Form abuse limited with new security feature


[:POSTING:] Quick Reply feature added. On/Off switch for each forum

[:POSTING:] More list options added by using


            [:POSTING:] New tag added; executes HTML and keeps the original formatting intact.

            [:POSTING:] Admin settable word wrap limit - stops long unbroken words from distoring the tables

            [:POSTING:] BB Code help screen added, shows common code usage

            [:POSTING:] Error screens show text area with any post material in allowing you to copy it before hitting "back"

            [:POSTING:] "Pin & Close" added to moderators option list when posting.

            [:POSTING:] Ability to add a new attachment to a post when editing

            [:POSTING:] Ability to show inline attached images as thumbnails

            [:POSTING:] "Enable Topic Tracking" checkbox in each new post / reply post page


            [:POLLING:] Topic starter / Super Moderator can create a poll after the topic has been posted

            [:POLLING:] Admin setting for the maximum number of poll questions allowed

            [:POLLING:] When editing a poll, the editor has an option to add new choices to the poll

            [:POLLING:] Admin option to allow members to view poll results without forfeiting their vote


            [:SEARCHING:] Full text searching available; vastly reduced searching times and improved efficiency

            [:SEARCHING:] View results as post now orders by post date, not topic's last posted date


            [:MESSAGING:] Private messages includes better error handler to prevent lost messages when an error occurs

            [:MESSAGING:] New "Empty PM Folders" feature to quickly prune saved messages

            [:MESSAGING:] Inbox, Sent items and custom folders shown in main UCP menu for quick access


            [:ONLINE USERS:] New sorting options added; ability to view only members or guests

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Attention pour ceux utilisant les bannières de pub IPS banner, dans la 1.2 finale la fonction ibf_banner a disparu de skin_global.php, l'affichage de bannière ne peut donc plus se faire de cette façon.


Lors de la mise à jour, passez bien ipshosting_credit à 0 dans conf_global.php, et pour vos bannières mettez les dans le board wrapper.

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