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Sortie D'ipb 1.2 Beta 2 Anglaise

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Matt travaille d'arrache pied voici déjà une beta 2 qui corrige une trentaine de bugs, lisez le fichier read me pour connaitre les fichiers à mettre à jour.


Téléchargez la maintenant!


Bugs Fixed


#    : Incorrect URL in "Who Posted" feature

#68593: Typo in ACP, full text set up

#    : Email address showing after lost password request

#68852: ACP, MMod, Selecting sub forum(s) alone - state not saved

#68919: ACP, Skin Home, wrong ID used for edit HTML (fix by Jabberwocky)

#68888: Incorrect avg post per day in topic history

#68840: Signature w/HTML not parsed in profile and msgr

#68834: Calendar number format inconsistancy

#68592: Latest news link not working

#68817: Link errors in nav when replying to a topic

#68704: Typo when viewing forums / mask preview

#68781: Redirect forums available to move topics to

#68718: Calendar add/edit event not showing "Show Emoticons" checkbox

#68895: JS bug when editing macro set name

#68758: IE6+XHTML+Scrollbar errors

#68827: JS error when revalidating

#68886: Upload photo + open base_dir restricition = error

#68882: Spaces in avatar name / directory not allowed

#69048: ACP, Warn set-up: Some settings not being saved

#69066: Mod CP, Stats not recounting after mod Q approve

#68803: Incorrect XHTML for report this post form

#68754: Incorrect time offset used in ACP, Last 5 admin actions

#69433: Incorrect language bit on search form

#69412: Window size of MyAssistant too small by default

#69192: Mod CP profile edits not showing ACP Mod logs

#69348: Typo in emailer error screen

#69445: Incorrect number of results returned when using quick search

#69220: Warn logs not removed when member deleted

#69303: Minor HTML error in online list

#69606: Search bug when using a forward slash in the keywords

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