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Invision Power Board 2.0.3 disponible

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IPS vient de sortir IPB 2.0.3 au menu correction de bugs et optimisation mysql

Liste des templates modifiés :

Changed Template Bits


Forum Index

Template Bit: PageTop

Reason: Changed "Subscribe to this forum" link



Template Bits: archive_html_entry, archive_html_entry_sent

Reason: Removed macros


Printable Topic

Template Bit: pp_postentry

Reason: Added attachment HTML tag


Topic View

Template Bit: quick_reply_box_open

Reason: Checkbox for enabling email notification of replies


User Control Panel

Template Bit: subs_row

Reason: Fixed start subscription date bug

Liste des bugs corrigés :
Fixed Bugs


ACP: Skin search not stripping slashes on input

Approving first post after a split topic doesn't work

Auto email notification doesn't trigger when using fast reply

Emailed posts show & nbsp; code

Searching in topic titles doesn't give expected result set

Using trash can: Log message redefined

ACP: Typo in easy logo changer

UCP: Topic track start date incorrect

ACP: Bot logs "last hit" date labelled "started"

HTML tag showing additional HTML tags when editing

Group based moderators not receiving reported posts

Two '@' symbols allowed in email addresses

Attachments not showing in printable page version

MSG: Archive HTML doesn't parse macros

Topic subscriptions don't check member groups

MSG: Renaming folder loses PM count for that folder

ACP:Bulk mailer not showing correct number of "sent to" members

Calendar. CustomBB code not working

Upgrading: CACHE_PATH not set

LOFI: Not parsing TOPIC and POST tags correctly.

Post highlighting from search not working correctly.

Installer present, incorrect links

Various subscription manager fixes

Forum subscriptions choice panel missing


Télécharger IPB 2.0.3

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