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Avancement de la 2.0 #3


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This is the third IPB 2.0.0 development update. These updates are designed to keep you informed on the development progress of Invision Power Board v2.0.0.


We've almost completed IPB 2.0.0 PDR and we should be ready for a release early next week. We've updated the support board here so we can test out the new additions and give the code some extensive testing before we release it publicly.


New features in this latest update (not including previous updates for PDR 2) include the new search & filter options in the member list, rewritten custom profile fields, new default custom BB tags and quote 'snapback'.


The new custom BBcode tags include: 'right', 'center', 'left' to align content and 'post' to quick link to a post and 'topic' to quick link to a topic. Links to posts and topics open in the same window and will not open a new window.


Quoted posts (when using the 'reply' or 'quote+') buttons now have a small 'snap-back' image which takes you to the original post that you're quoting. Demonstration.


Also in this build is the new notification options when subscribing to topics and forums. You can now choose from the following notification options:


None: This will not send out any emails but it will retain the forum or topic in the subscriptions panel which will allow you to 'bookmark' useful or favourite topics/forums.

Delayed: This is 'classic' mode. The board will email you notification when you're not active on the board.

Immediate: This will email you immediately after a new topic has been made (forum subscription) or reply has been made (topic subscription). This will send an email regardless of activity and it will send multiple emails if there are multiple replies.

Daily Digest: This will email you a digest of all new topics (forum) or replies (topic) in one email - once per day

Weekly Digest: This acts in the same way as the daily digest but it will digest the week and send it - once per week.


(Please note, the tasks for the task manager required to perform the digest subscriptions is still being worked on and not enabled on this forum at the time of this announcement)



What's left to do?


We've still got a bit of work to do before IPB 2 reaches release candidate quality. I aim to have the full feature set implemented for PDR 2 (Beta 2) and the full database abstraction layer implemented for PDR 3 (Beta 3). It's quite possible that the bulk of the bug fixing will be done after PDR 3 (Beta 3) as it might prove beneficial to wait until all the components are completed to reduce the possibility of fixing-by-changing.


Skins and Languages


As mentioned in other announcements, the skins and language sets are not complete and will receive an overhaul during the development cycle. As a rule of thumb, the skins and langauges will not be complete until PR 1 (RC 1).


Upgrading to PDR 2 from PDR 1


We might implement our upgrade system a little earlier and give it an airing for the next beta release. There have been some schematic changes and this will require a script to be written. We plan to introduce a more integrated method of upgrading between releases.


Upgrading from 1.3 to 2.0.0


There is currently no upgrade path from 1.3 to 2.0.0. We plan on writing the upgrade script for around PDR 3 (Beta 3). Until then please don't try and import a 1.3 database into 2.0 - it simply won't work.


Le forum anglais a été mis à jour en PDR2, vous pourrez donc tester là bas ces nouvelles fonctionnalités : http://forums.invisionpower.com/index.php

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