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  2. As the Invision Community platform continues to evolve, so do the precarious ploys of pesky bots. Oftentimes spammers, whether they are bots or actual humans, spam your community with links in an effort to boost their website’s SEO. There are already a number of ways in the Invision Community platform to fight against spam, including… Our native Spam Defense built into the platform that scores a newly-registered member Placing new registrations into a moderator queue Adding word filters that, when triggered, put the member in a moderation queue We also integrate with various CAPTCHAs. You might be unfamiliar with the term, but you’ve definitely participated with one. It’s a digital gatekeeper in the form of an interactive puzzle that asks you to find patterns or similar images in order to evade malicious bots from taking action, whether that’s submitting a spam email, comment or registering an account. Our existing CAPTCHA defenses include: Invisible reCAPTCHA where the system intelligently detects if the user is human in the background reCAPTCHA V2 where the user simply clicks an "I'm not a robot" checkbox keyCAPTCHA where the user must complete a jigsaw puzzle In our latest update, version 4.7, we’ve included yet another defense to block spam from seeing the light of day: hCaptcha hCaptcha is one of the world's most widely used independent Captcha services. We’re incorporating it in a few places where spammers can prepare their attacks. Registering: Prevent spammers from joining your community. If enabled, the hCaptcha will stop spammers in their tracks before even creating an account in your community. Guest posts: Community leaders have the option to allow guests to reply to topics. This could potentially open up the floodgates for spammers, but the hCaptcha effectively mitigates this by asking the entity (hopefully an actual person) to problem solve. If the sequence is not successfully completed, the guest post be published. hCaptcha is available in the new 4.7 Beta 1 release. Give it a shot and let us know what you think in the comments… just be sure to successfully select all the traffic lights if you’re a guest! 😉 Lire l’article complet
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  5. MasterGone

    4.5 Forums - Trier les messages plus récents au plus ancien

    De base non, peut-être avec un greffon.
  6. Bonjour, J'aimerai dans des forums (je parle des reponses), trier les messages du plus récent au plus ancien, de maniere fixe avec un paramètre. J'ai cherché un peu et je ne trouve pas cette option dans la partie Admin , peut etre un greffon ? J'ai bien vu qu'on pouvait trier les sujets, mais pas les réponses à l'interieur d'un sujet. Mon site est dans l'esprit de TripAdvisor, et donc, j'aimerai que dans un topic, ce soit le dernier message en premier, et donc si la personne pagine, elle pagine du plus récent au plus ancien, et non avoir les anciens messages en premier. D'avance merci à vous pour votre aide. Jean-Baptiste
  7. To celebrate Invision Community turning 20-years-old (an eternity in Internet years), I interviewed the company's founding fathers. Ahh the good ol' days. Remember simpler times? This new video interview touches on Invision Community's past, present and future thanks to the invaluable insight from @Charles, @Matt and @Lindy. In our chat together, these gentlemen... Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and reflect on the company's origins Explain the power of community amidst the social media boom Offer advice for new community leaders on how to grow Share some of the biggest changes to the platform Recant fond memories from the earlier days Reveal a teaser of what's next for Invision Community Noteworthy quotes: Charles: Lindy: Matt: Thoughts on the interview? We'd love to hear from you in the comments! 🎂 Lire l’article complet
  8. Improving SEO with your community is a hot topic with community managers. Many minor tweaks can move the needle in the right direction, but the most significant changes come with increasing crawl efficiency. I recently wrote about changes we made to Invision Community to improve crawl efficiency. By removing thin content pages and being laser-focused on what you want to be crawled, you present a more efficient site ready for crawling. Crawl depth is another metric that impacts crawl efficiency. The more 'clicks' Google and other search engines have to make to get to your content; the less efficient your site is for crawling. With a community, this can present problems because using forums and child forums segments content and places it an extra click or two away from the home page. Segmenting is ideal when your community has defined content boundaries, but it can mean Google has to work harder to find your content. We introduced a "fluid view" in a past release, which streams all of your community's topics into a single filterable view. This streamed view works well when you have a small number of forums, but it is less valuable when you have a more significant number. Wouldn't it be perfect if you could have a fluid view per forum or category so you can stream the forum's topics with any child forum's topics in a single view? With our latest release, you can do just that! In this example, I have a forum called "Ideation", and there are two child forums. The new feature enabled on a per-forum basis in the AdminCP allows the topics from all three forums to be streamed in a single view. As with the global fluid view mode, your members can toggle the filters to refine which forums you want the stream to include. Showing the topics from multiple forums in a single unified stream is not only helpful for search engines as it reduces the crawl depth, but it also reduces helps your members find valuable content faster. This feature is available with Invision Community April 2022 (4.6.12). I'd love to hear your thoughts below! Lire l’article complet
  9. Since the dawn of the Internet, forums have remained a dominant force on the worldwide web. Invision Community not only survived the social media boom, we thrived. Our community forum platform is an industry leader and continues to serve thousands of businesses year-round. If community forums are tried and true, then why is the average Internet user bombarded with pleas to follow a brand’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts versus a forum? It's often the case that when decision makers consider building a community, they look to social media tools first and overlook the power an owned community platform has. It's rare to find an instance where exclusively maintaining a social media presence builds a rich and diverse community that shares information and actively help each other. Every smart company should invest in fostering a community through the means of a forum. Without geeking out too hard (I’m about to geek out real hard), allow me to explain why forums harness immense power. Meaningful user generated content I added meaningful because the fabric of social media is also user generated content, however, much of the time it's followers competing for attention or having no interest or knowledge of your brand and its products. One issue with social media is random trolls and people misunderstanding a brand's products or services. That causes a lot of noise or adds little value. This is because community forums focus on the content, whereas social media centers around the individual user. Social media comment sections have become increasingly divisive with tempers easily flared. It can be hard to have a worthwhile conversation. You’re either tossing a comment into the social media campfire, arguing with someone you’ll never meet or double tapping a “like” to show public support. None of which adds value or elevates a brand’s identity. On the other hand, a community forum offers various pathways for meaningful engagement. A library of content Topics build on top of one another and eventually creates a searchable library of content for new users to discover. Easily discoverable Search engines don’t typically respond to your query with social media posts. On the other hand, forum posts are quickly indexed. Invision Community’s latest update 4.6.11 includes IndexNow, which quickly informs search engines about new content changes. This draws in new users with little effort. Belonging Successful forums are inherently niche. Generally, members who participate share overarching commonalities with one another, and where they don’t they have a platform to express otherwise. Social media is too gargantuan to recreate these special connections. Moderation Social media can be powerful, but often spirals into toxicity because these platforms rely on automatic moderation tools. Our community forum has built-in tools for automatic moderation as well as tools for moderators (actual people caring for your community!) to ensure stability. Invision Community's forums in Fluid mode Fosters community Community forums facilitate community building. They are the apparatus for Internet users around the world to instantly connect with one another. Think of community forums like a neighborhood. A construction company (that's you) builds the community, but the community needs residents (your members) to transform the houses into homes. Once the infrastructure is set up, forums can use time to its advantage. Unlike social media, forum content can remain relevant and circulate throughout a community for long periods of time. That’s because ongoing conversations aren’t dependent on complex algorithms that display content based on past engagement. For example, your Instagram explore page shows you similar content based on other content you’ve engaged with in the past. That keeps you stuck in a loop and prevents you from interacting with new content. The algorithm sees you liked X, it shows you more of X, you see X, you engage with more of X and the cycle repeats itself, never allowing yourself to explore A, B, C or literally anything else. Forums display content based on what the community as a whole is interested in (not just the individual). With the Invision Community’s forums application, the member also has the option to decide how they want to consume content (maybe engaging with X is all that member wants, but they have the ability to discover more content outside of what machine learning dictates). Own your community forum Imagine spending years building a following on social media only for it to vanish overnight. Even worse, there’s no point of contact to reach out to to gain an understanding of what happened. That can’t happen when owning your own community forum. Not only do you maintain control, but you… Call the shots You are the decision maker. On social media, there’s no ability to enable, test, try or optimize new ideas / features. Have access to rich reporting Social media offers some insights, but it’s limited. Invision Community’s reporting inside the ACP includes various engagement reporting metrics to help you better understand what’s working (and what isn’t). Can monetize There are roundabout ways to get monetized on social media, however with our community forums application, you have far more flexibility to integrate digital campaigns such as banner ads, affiliate links and paid promotional content. Invision Community's Activity Streams Free market research Save money on market research by tapping into your audience's needs free of charge. Your power users want to tell you about their experience in your community, something big brands without a community pay big money for. If you’ve made it to the bottom of this post, you probably think I have something against social media. To the contrary! Social media is a powerful tool, but most use it as the be-all end-all when it can better serve businesses to encourage new audiences to visit your community (versus attempting to create community directly on a platform you don’t own, control or have any real say in). Owning your own community forum is so immensely powerful, and, despite message boards and forums existing since the early ‘80s, it still feels like a secret. Invision Community’s forums application is the best in the industry. If you have your own community forum, show it off in the comments! Don’t have one yet? Please reach out to us and we’ll get you started. Lire l’article complet
  10. There’s a fine line between freedom of speech and censorship. Invision Community always aims to empower community leaders with options to encourage an open dialogue within a community, while including barriers for members who choose to ignore the guidelines. Invision Community’s latest release, 4.6.11, includes a simple but powerful new feature to help you shape your community’s tone. It’s called Block Submission. Block submission stops a member’s message from being posted if it includes any word(s) added to your Word Filters list with the “Block Submission” option enabled. Word Filters, a previously existing feature, allows community owners to prohibit profanity in the community. If a member types a word included on the banned words list, the platform will automatically either... Replace the word with something else you set Hold the post for moderation Or, with our new Block Submission feature, notify the member they must amend their post. Located: ACP -> System -> Settings -> Posting -> Word Filters -> Add Word Filter Here is an example: I added the word “hate” to the Word Filters list in the Admin Control Panel and selected the Block Submission option. Now, when a member tries to post the word hate, a message pops up indicating it wasn’t published and why. The member must modify their comment in order for the post to go live. In this scenario, that would look like taking out the word hate. Feel free to change the default warning message (the text located in the orange message bar above) to something better suited for your community - it's located in the Languages settings in your ACP. Why did we create Block Submission? This feature not only helps automatically moderate content, but more importantly, it sets a precedent to members regarding what is (and isn’t) accepted. Gently notifying members that their comment doesn’t align with your community’s guidelines helps maintain the existing culture you’ve worked hard on cultivating, as well as your initiative to keep the language and sentiment positive. Interested in trying our block submission feature out? Please upgrade to 4.6.11! If you don’t have an Invision Community license yet, please reach out to me and I’ll help get you started. Thoughts on our latest feature? Sound off in the comments (just make sure it passes our new vibe check 😉). Lire l’article complet
  11. lpm34

    4.5 Calendrier

    bonjour tout le monde savez vous s'il existe un moyen de relier un evenement d'un calendrier à un sujet sur un forum ipb en version 4.6 ? Je voudrais pouvoir creer un evenement directement d'un post si possible j'espere etre clair dans ma demande
  12. So you’re a small/medium sized business who purchased one of our plans and launched a new community. The topics, replies and views will start to rack up any time now, right? Riiight?! Perhaps you’re a major brand wanting to give your customers a place to connect, ask questions and get more information, but aren't sure how to inspire them to join. Maybe you haven’t even pulled the trigger and launched a new community just yet because you fear your hard work won’t be seen so what’s the point? You feel confident nailing down the color scheme, header, navigation and forum categories, but the dreaded “0 replies” is casting a gloomy shadow over your bright and shiny new community. A lack of initial momentum is one of the scariest hurdles a new community builder faces. Here are a few tips to kick off your community in style and start receiving engagement right away. Be visible. As your community’s leader, it’s important to be accessible to your members. Make yourself available to them so they know you’re willing to lend a hand. This helps forge meaningful connections with your community and fosters trust. Being visible looks like creating topics, responding to members’ posts, answering private messages, enabling a contact form and including a profile photo. Use your voice. You can’t expect your members to speak up if there isn’t a community leader or brand ambassador doing so first. Lead by example and use your voice in your own community. This is also a great opportunity to shape the tone of your community, whether that’s informative, casual, snarky or funny. The tone of your community: Sets a precedent for how members respond. Broadcasts your brand’s values. Defines how a member can connect. Inspires guests to silently react. Expressing your community’s tone adds character, helping you differentiate from competitors. Create content that invokes an emotional response. This is one of the best kept secrets! Creating content that inspires a feeling from your members is a surefire way to keep them continually participating and returning. It's one thing to make content, it's another to create valuable content. Value enhances a member’s life, quantified by whether it produces a positive effect. Publish content that invokes an emotional response and watch how quickly your engagement rate climbs. Provide a great user experience. Generally speaking, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but when it comes to community building, a slick user interface helps facilitate a great user experience. In case you missed our blog post about the importance of your brand’s look and feel, creating an immersive visual experience for your community matters. A few quick design tips: Ensure your navigation is easy to use Employ a beautiful color scheme that reflects your community’s tone Add spacing in between components Include a logo Promote your community You likely have some type of presence on social media. Use that as a tool to drive traffic to your community (versus what most people do: use social media as the be-all and end-all for promotion). If you have a following on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you’ll want to entice and mobilize your existing base to join your community. Do this by being visible, using your voice, creating content that invokes an emotional response and offering a great user experience (see what I did there?). How do you engage your community? Drop us a line in the comments. We’d love to engage with you! Lire l’article complet
  13. Bonjour, je viens d'installer la dernière version du forum IPB 4.6, avant j'étais en 4.2 il y a eu pas mal de changement depuis. je me retrouve avec une colonne dans tous les sujets avec des informations utiles mais pas indispensable pour moi. je souhaite la supprimer. je suis aller dans les options FORUM - Paramètre et tout en bas, j'ai désactive les 3 options photo ci-joint mais la colonne apparait toujours, comment faire pour la supprimer définitivement merci cdl l'équipe
  14. Twenty years ago today, Invision Community was founded and within months the first version of Invision Community was released. Little did we know, this would be the start of a remarkable journey spanning several decades. Our first version appeared shortly after we founded the company. It might be hard to imagine a time before social media and YouTube, but when we started out, the web looked very different. The first version of Invision Community was called Invision Board, reflecting the popular term for forums back in the early 2000s. It was full featured and you may recognise some elements that persist today. Like today, it even had a separate control panel where you could create new areas of discussion and customise the theme. Twenty years is a long time and we've continued to adapt with the ever-changing needs of community managers. We've seen the rise of social media impact how people consume content and found ways to compliment Twitter and Facebook by offering a place for long-form permanent discussion. Several elements remain from those early days but the concepts behind the theme have change significantly. New workflows, UI elements and views have helped the platform stay fresh and we've certainly innovated a few features that have since become industry standard over that time. I can't express how proud I am of what we've built together. From those humble beginnings working until 2am to growing a creative and talented team around our passion for community. I'm still as excited today as I was back in 2002. This year will see us build and release new tools to help guide and inform community managers. Our community platform continues to go from strength to strength. Of course, the platform is only one part of Invision Community. Over the last twenty years I've been grateful to get to know many of you and watch your lives unfold. This is as pure as community can get and I'm privileged to be part of it. We have a few other surprises to celebrate our twentieth anniversary. We can't wait to share them! I'd love to hear your memories of Invision Community! When did you first use our products and what was your community for? Please let me know in the comments below. Lire l’article complet
  15. Zorro_X

    Facebook et Instagram pourrait disparaitre en Europe

    Si cela venait à se faire, c'est sur que ce serait bénéfique pour nous !!! carrément ! Il ne faut pas oublier que politiquement parlant le manque de modération des réseaux sociaux a beaucoup affecté la gestion de la pandémie : les désinformations et autres "mouvements" ont empêché les choses de se passer au mieux. Il se peut que ce soit donc un moyen détourné de virer facebook de l'horizon politique parceque cela fait perdre du pouvoir aux gouvernements. Si on le prend comme ça, on peut croire qu'il y a une réelle volonté de s'en passer... Faut donc voir comment tout ça évolue : soit facebook "paye" pour rester, soit on est peut être sur le démarrage d'une nouvelle ère. Après faut pas se leurrer, si fb disparaît d'europe, ils vont se mettre en place un réseau social "éuropéen" pour pallier à ce manque... Notre "créneau" d'action sera très serré...
  16. Zorro_X

    4.5 Créer ma traduction française

    Hello, Même si je m'y suis remis, j'avance moins vite qu'avant, j'en suis à ~27% de nombre de chaines traduites... c'est long... désolé... mais je vais en venir à bout, c'est sur. Je pense qu'une fois que j'aurais dépassé la moitié, ca devrait remonter ma barre de motivation...
  17. plongeur.com

    Facebook et Instagram pourrait disparaitre en Europe

    C'est évidemment un énorme bluff de "Meta" pour ne pas se plier aux réglementations locales et obtenir des changements qui leur permettront de continuer à faire n'importe quoi. Cela dit, ca ferait tellement de bien à la société !
  18. Si j'en lis ce dont parle en ce moment la presse, on entends beaucoup parler d'un "éventuel" retrait de Facebook et Instagram en Europe dont notamment la France. Je prends ce titre avec des pincettes car j'ai quelques doutes sur un tel phénomène, ce n'est d'ailleurs pas ce que je souhaite cependant. Sinon, comment voyez vous la chose, pensez vous que cela pourrait être bénéfique pour les sites internet isolés et nos forums de discussions ? Pensez vous qu'un retour en arrière avec des forums en masse pourrait revenir ?
  19. fred_vav

    4.5 Couleur "catégorie" et hauteur

    Trouvé : la couleur se gère directement via l'ACP
  20. fred_vav

    4.5 Couleur "catégorie" et hauteur

    Bonjour, Je cherche a changer la couleur des catégories de forum [1] et à uniformiser / modifier la hauteur des lignes des forum via un nb de pixel [2] J'ai pas mal chercher dans les template / CSS sans succes .... Merci pour votre aide,
  21. fred_vav

    4.5 Fixer la largeur du site

    Merci, je viens de trouver 😃 Dans CSS / CORE / GLOBALE / Layout.css #ipsLayout_body { margin: 0 auto; position: relative; width: 1200px; } #ipsLayout_header { position: relative; width: 1200px; margin: 0 auto; }
  22. MasterGone

    4.5 Fixer la largeur du site

    Salut Il y a une option dans les paramètres des thèmes pour ce faire. Le bandeau reste cependant à la largeur de l'écran (comme ici). @+
  23. fred_vav

    4.5 Fixer la largeur du site

    Bonjour Je viens de passer en version 4.6 apres de longues années sous 3.4.x J'ai installé le pack FR : merci pour votre travail ! 👍 J'ai évidement perdu mon design et j'ai besoin d'un peu d'aide m'y retrouver et remettre le site "comme avant" Je souhaiterai fixer la largeur du site à 1200 pixels : ou faut-il agir ? pour jouer sur la largeur "globale" en incluant le bandeau du haut ? Merci pour votre aide
  24. fred_vav

    4.3 Fixer la largeur du site

    A effacer, merci
  25. fred_vav

    ip.board 3.4 Migration de IP.Board 3.4.2 vers IPS4

    Bonjour, Mon forum en version 3.4.2 a été migré ce jour vers 4.6.10 par https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/189809-a-zayed/ Je susi entrain de découvrir cette nouvelle version / nouveau environnement : super ! Bonne journée Fred
  26. The Invision Community platform is capable of integrating with other powerful services, creating a unified system of connections with the click of a button. One of the greatest benefits of integrating with Invision Community is instant expanded functionality. This is often done through an API (application programming interface), which allows our platform to seamlessly communicate with third-party developed software like Google, Zapier and SendGrid. We also use webhooks to integrate. Webhooks allow other services and applications to stay in sync with your community data or to perform an action after a specific event occurs in your community. Read more about them here. I had a chat with one of our developers, @Daniel F, who walks us through webhooks, explains why they’re useful and shows us an example (see the video above). In the example he uses, we would... Here are a few integrations we want to put on your radar: Zapier What is it? Zapier is a service that allows you to connect over 3,000 web apps. The Invision and Zapier integration can communicate with some of the Internet’s most wide-reaching platforms, including Google Docs, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Trello, Facebook Ads, ActiveCampaign, Zendesk, Asana, Salesforce, Hubspot, Discord, Stripe and more. Read our Zapier blog for more details (it’s worth your undivided attention!). An example: When a moderator posts a topic in a news forum, share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. MapBox What is it? MapBox shares dynamic, performant, and customizable maps that can connect and visibly show where your members are around the world. An example: Create events that link to specific locations and specify where they’re taking place. Google Tag Manager What is it? Google Tag Manager is a tag management system that allows you to add and update your own tags (snippets of code like a tracking pixel) onto your website for conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and more. Tags that can be incorporated include link clicks for events, scroll tracking, contact form abandonment, commerce shopping cart abandonment and more. Expect to see more functionality with Google Tag Manager in our platform later this year such as quantifying total amount of reactions in a post. An example: Tracking when a member clicks the ‘start new topic’ button. Google Analytics What is it? Google Analytics is a web analytics platform that shares statistics and basic analytical tools for SEO and marketing initiatives. Understanding your website’s data, including who is visiting, how often, for how long, device usage and more can better help you optimize your community. An example: Tracking unique visitors over the course of a year, then comparing that data to the previous year. Whether there’s an upward or downward trend, analyzing the data can help you create a plan of how to proceed, as well as understand what is (and isn’t) working. SendGrid What is it? Sendgrid is a cloud-based email delivery system. It’s a vehicle for your community to send emails to your members. An example: Sending a monthly newsletter using the Bulk Mail function in the admin control panel. Integrations are an efficient way to take your Invision Community platform to the next level. There’s even more in your ACP that we didn’t discuss in this blog. If you have an integration in place that you’d like to share with us, or have an idea, drop us a line in the comments and let us know. Related: Lire l’article complet
  27. brazoka

    4.5 Créer ma traduction française

    Bonjour, Tu peux traduire tout seul ça va bien c'est un peut plus long m'es ça le fait avec les traduction d'ici c'est quand même pas ouf de traduire ce qui n'es pas fait sur les nouvelle version
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